Posted July 29, 2020 by Andrew Cathie in Feature

Deleted WRC 9 Preview Confirms Previously Teased PS5 OS Feature

As we get closer and closer to the release of the PS5, it makes sense that more and more details on the console, its games and its OS. With that said, while there’s been teases of things being announced or shown in the near future regarding the PS5’s OS and UI, nothing has eventuates just yet. However, a now deleted preview for WRC 9 on Gamereactor has seemingly confirmed a new feature of the consoles OS.

When the PS5 was originally revealed through Wired, a number of conceptual details of the consoles and its OS were discussed. We had things like an improved suspend-resume feature, but one of the most interesting was the mention of deep linking into a game directly from the OS. What this means is being able to launch specific parts of the game from the console OS itself, such as directly booting a game’s multiplayer mode and skipping the in-game splash screen. The Gamereactor preview for WRC 9 directly references the PS5’s ‘Activities’ option, which allows for directly launching race types from the console’s OS. There’s obviously no official confirmation from PlayStation here, but given Gamereactor even had a name for the feature, we’re going to guess that they’ve accidentally leaked something out a little earlier than PlayStation would have liked.

Stay tuned for more information on both WRC 9 and the PS5 as we progress through the year.

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