Dead Rising 4 Stocking Stuffer DLC Now Available

December 21, 2016

Today Capcom released a DLC pack which promises to increase your festive cheer. The Dead Rising 4 Stocking Stuffer Holiday DLC is here with festive weapons, vehicles, outfits and more. Priced at $8.75 AUD, every single zombie in the game will take part in this festive DLC which can be activated from the main menu with the push of a button. Check out the official trailer for the Dead Rising 4 Stocking Stuffer DLC below:


[toggle_box title=”Official Dead Rising 4 Stocking Stuffer Description:” width=”Width of toggle box”]Unwrap the Dead Rising 4 Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack and enjoy new combo weapons, a new combo vehicle, zombies decked out for the holidays and more. Available with the Dead Rising 4 Season Pass, Dead Rising 4 Deluxe Edition and as a standalone purchase in the Microsoft Store. Let the Slay Ride Begin![/toggle_box]

Keep your eye out for more Dead Rising 4 DLC in the new year, with a free update promised by Capcom which will add difficulty sliders, allowing changes such as making your weapons break faster, or making zombies harder to kill. There’s a lot more paid DLC on the way too, which will be included in the Season Pass, such as Ultra Super Dead Rising 4 Mini-Golf and Frank Rising.

With plenty of content being added to Dead Rising 4, and a good chance that it will be on sale as part of the Biggest Xbox Store Sale Ever starting tomorrow, ’tis the season to invest in some zombie killing.

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