Days Gone Free Challenge Content Begins With Survival Difficulty

June 8, 2019

The Days Gone free challenge content update is here and players now have plenty of reasons to revisit the beautiful hills of Oregon and fight off the hordes of freakers. Today’s update adds survival difficulty which make freakers even more challenging, a hardcore HUD mode where the map and directions only appear when you activate Survival Vision, and fast travel is no longer an option.

Completing Days Gone on survival difficulty will earn you some unique bike skins as well as trophies.

Starting late June, Days Gone will have weekly challenges to complete with leaderboards to compare your skill to the rest of the Days Gone community. The first challenge will involve taking out a freaker horde in the town of Sherman’s Camp, while future challenges will include bike time trials, combat challenges and more, all of which will unlock exclusive unique items and skins, including the ability to change which character skin you play as, including Boozer, Rikki, Addy, Iron Mike and more.

Watch the official Days Gone Free Challenge Content Update trailer:

Rocket Chainsaw reviewed Days Gone at launch, giving it 4 stars, calling it, “a game that you’ll either love or hate.” As it has turned out, most gamers have

For full details on the Days Gone free challenge content update, head to the official blog post here. Days Gone launched worldwide exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 26, 2019. Make sure to check back at Rocket Chainsaw for more on the 12 weekly challenges, and for more information head to the official Days Gone website here.