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Daily Gaming News – November 8, 2016

Coming down from the awesomeness of PAX AUS at the weekend is hard, but I battled through it to make today’s gaming news happen. Lots of stuff to get through so let’s get to it…

In today’s news:

  • Blizzard reveals Overwatch‘s next character, Sombra; as well as the Overwatch League and arcade mode
  • Blizzard also announced the next Hearthstone expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • There was also the announcement of a new Diablo III character, the Necromancer, as well as an anniversary event that will see the original Diablo recreated within Diablo III.
  • In non-Blizzard news, Capcom revealed that Akuma will be coming to Street Fighter V
  • Finally, a new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer was revealed

Today’s trailer is Damsel, a new game from Screwtape Studios that will be released in 2017.

Tim Norman

Raised in the arcades of the 1990s, Tim believes that if you're not playing for score, then you're not playing.


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