Crysis 3 announcement leaked

April 11, 2012

Whoops! Looks like someone over at EA tripped over a cord or flipped a switch early, because Crysis 3 has just been confirmed. And there’s bows!

The leak comes from an accidental posting of Crysis 3 on EA’s digital distribution service ‘Origin’. Though it has likely been pulled at the time of this report, the discovery was made by simply searching “Crysis 3 limited edition” on Google, showing the game for sale through the Origin service. The advertisement reports the limited edition of Crysis 3, call the Crysis 3: Hunter Edition, which includes an ‘overkill pack’. Whatever that is. Origin also shows the current box art for the game, which shows a typical Nanosuit solder brandishing a compound bow.

Currently, this leak is all we know of Crysis 3, though Crysis fans should expect a formal announcement very soon. Crytek has been teasing a new game reveal for some time, while company CEO Cevat Yerli has hinted that such an announcement may come within a week. This teasing is coupled with Swedish mag Game Reactor teasing a new game reveal in next month’s issue, the teaser page making use of Crysis 2‘s iconic hexagonal art.

The issue is scheduled to go live on April 16th. Rocket Chainsaw puts bets on an announcement then.