Posted August 14, 2019 by Joseph Rositano in Feature

Could SNES games be on the way for Nintendo Switch?

Documentation for an unannounced peripheral by Nintendo has been found on the FCC’s website. While most of the documentation is private, a lone image shows what looks like the back of a wireless SNES controller, suggesting Nintendo may soon be releasing its SNES gaming catalogue on the Nintendo Switch console.

This theory is supported by the image having the serial number HAC-042. HAC serial numbers are used for Nintendo Switch accessories. Nintendo is required to provide documentation to the FCC before releasing products in the United States, so it seems likely this is at the very least a placeholder for an upcoming product.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can currently download a Nintendo Entertainment System app which allows them to play selected NES titles. The service has been available since September last year. Subscribers are able to purchase special wireless NES controllers which are designed to play the NES games on Switch and even connect to the console to recharge its battery. It is plausible that Nintendo would offer a similar option if SNES games were introduced to the service.

Special thanks to Restera user Link83 and Eurogamer for the heads up.




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