Control AWE DLC Available From August 27

August 7, 2020

We’ve long been fans of Remedy here at Rocket Chainsaw and that didn’t change one iota after the release of Control. A fantastic game with some great atmospherewe can’t want for more content to come for the game, especially after the seriously solid The Foundation DLC. There isn’t long to wait now, with the second DLC pack for Control, AWE, releasing on August 27th.

There has long been speculation on just what we could expect from Control AWE, given some teases that appear in the main game, but it’s now 100% confirmed that the DLC will feature Alan Wake. It’s been a while since Remedy secures the Alan Wake IP from Microsoft, so it’s great to see them putting it to use in something other than a rereleases. Here’s hoping we get a sequel.

Beyond that, we didn’t get too much information out of the announcement trailer for Control AWE. We caught a glimpse of the game’s mysterious motel, as well as what looked like a new Hiss enemy to take on, but beyond that it was all pretty mysterious.

Control’s AWE DLC releases on August 27th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.