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Colony Reborn Coming To Titanfall 2

Respawn have announced that they are continuing their extended support for Titanfall 2, with Colony becoming the latest free map to be brought into the fold. Players of the original Titanfall may remember the rough buildings and streets of Colony, although you’re more likely to remember the tower right in the middle of it that snipers would camp on.

Along with the Colony Reborn map, there will be some other additions that will come as part of this latest free update to Titanfall 2. The R-101 rifle is making a comeback, with the latest version coming with an ACOG scope by default, as well as a brand new execution move called the Curb Stomp. Make sure to check out the trailer below to see why we’re disproportionately happy with the inclusion of that new execution.

As far as paid content goes, there are a range of new paid cosmetics coming with this update. You’ll be able to get your hands on Prime Titan designs for your Northstar and Legion Titans, as well as new nose arts, camo packs and callsign packs.

This content is all scheduled to go live on March 30, which will also coincide with a new free trial weekend that will run until April 3 and a double XP weekend over the same time period.


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