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Civilization VI Announced

In a surprisingly fast turnaround Firaxis have announced that Civilization VI will be coming to stores this year, only 8 months after releasing XCOM 2. Along with the world conquering formula of past Civilization games, there will also be a big change coming through, similar to when Civilization V changed the way combat worked in the series.

In Civilization V your cities were a single static hex, with upgrades causing no size changes to that hex, even when you thought that they logically should. In Civilization VI your city will become the sprawling monstrosity that we all know it should be. City upgrades will no longer be kept inside your walls and will need to be built in adjacent hexes to your city, with placement controlling the boosts it will receive. It’s a major shake up to the formula of previous games and will bring a brand new form of strategy to the Civilization series.

Watch the announcement trailer below while you wait for Civilization VI to release for PC on October 21.


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