Check out the Luigi’s Mansion 3 Trick or Defeat trailer

October 25, 2019

Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for Luigi’s Mansion 3. It’s only a short one, showcasing the premise of the game, but it’s enough to wet your appetite before the game’s launch on 31st October.

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, Luigi, Mario, Peach and various Toads are invited to stay at a luxury hotel. But the vacation is cut short when Luigi’s friends are kidnapped by ghosts who are led by the evil King Boo. Luigi must once again find the courage and tools to save the day.

Nintendo has also released a demonstration video of the mini-games which will be featured in the local multiplayer mode ScreamPark. This mode is supported for up to eight players locally where players play on Team Luigi or Team Gooigi and compete for the most points. Ghost Hunt sees players capturing ghosts, Cannon Barrage sees players fire a cannon at moving targets, while Coin Floating has players ride a floating rubber ring in a pool while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. Both videos can be found below:


Rocket Chainsaw will have a review for Luigi’s Mansion 3 published next week.