Cave’s PlayStation Vita games cancelled

May 17, 2012

Uh oh, shmup fans. Japanese game developer Cave, best known in the West for titles like Deathsmiles and the Bug Princess and Espgaluda II ports to iOS devices, has cancelled two of their upcoming games slated for release on Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld.

The games, as noted by Famitsu and reported by Andriasang for those of us who can’t read Japanese, are an unannounced shmup and the social castle builder Shirotsuku. The news comes at the same time as the resignation of Cave’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, Mikio Watanabe. He will continue as a representative director until August, after which CEO Ito Masahito will continue as the remaining representative director.

It’s sad news, but I have no doubt Cave will spring back. Akai Katana was released in PAL territories last week, so we have that to tide ourselves over with until the company’s next move.