Capcom announces Streetfighter X Tekken DLC plans

March 19, 2012

Following on from the recent controversy regarding just how much of the planned DLC for Streetfighter X Tekken is on the disc or not, Capcom have announced the first set of DLC for the game.

The first things to go on the market will be the swap costumes, which will see your favourite characters from both franchises dressed as each other. These alternative outfits will go on sale on April 3 for 80 Microsoft Points (US$1) each, or 1040MSP (US$13) each for the Streetfighter and Tekken packs, which contain all the outfits for each franchise.

Alongside the costume packs will be a set of colour swaps and some new combo attacks for each character. Unlike the swap costumes, these will be free to download.

There’ll also be a tournament update that adds new ways to manage gems, as well as over 60 new gems and a replay analyser.

Finally, another DLC set will be launched later in the year, once the PS Vita version of the game is out. This update will contain all 12 characters making their debut for the Vita, including Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Jack, Alisa, Brian, Dudley and Elena, and will cost 1600MSP (US$20).

Australian Playstation Store pricing is unavailable at this time.