Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8: The Forge Launches Now

July 10, 2020

I doubt there is anyone in the world that hasn’t heard of Call of Duty. Regardless of how you feel about the series, there’s no doubting that it’s been incredibly successful for the better part of two and half console generations now, nearly always being the biggest release of the year. Activision recognised that while they were immensely successful on consoles, there was an opportunity to push for more success on other platforms. Call of Duty: Mobile has been around for a while now, and as of right now Season 8: The Forge is available for the game.

There are a number of different updates to Call of Duty: Mobile with Season 8, including a new map, new mode, new events, a new skill and a brand new battle pass. The big highlight is that brand new map, with Modern Warfare 2 favourite Highrise coming to the game.

For some of the highlights on Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8: The Forge, check out the list below that was provided by Activision:

  • New MP Map – Highrise
  • New Battle Royale zone – Safehouse
  • Season 8: The Forge Battle Pass – New characters, weapons, items and more
  • New Mode – Juggernaut – 5vs1
  • Events – Days of Summer, Solstice Awakened
  • New Operator Skill – Katana
  • New Seasonal Challenges
  • New merchandise now available in the store
  • Various UI updates, weapon balance, and gameplay optimisations

Call of Duty: Mobile is available right now on iOS and Android devices. For more information on Season 8, check out the official blog post.