The Bridge Constructor Portal level editor is here!

October 18, 2018

Headup Games and Clockstone have today unveiled the Bridge Constructor Portal level editor creating endless opportunities to calm your Bridge Constructor Portal cravings. The Bridge Constructor Portal level editor is available right now for the Windows PC version of the game, and as you will see in the trailer below players can edit existing levels or start from scratch and then upload them to the Steam Workshop for other players around the world to experience and enjoy.

Bridge Constructor Portal launched at the end of 2017 to mostly positive reviews, offering a new spin on both the epicĀ Portal franchise and the bridge construction genre that has become popular in recent years on both Steam and mobile devices.

Check out the official Bridge Constructor Portal level editor trailer below:


The world needs more bridges. And portals. Let’s say: more test chambers! Create some absurd ones with the brandnew Bridge Constructor Portal Level Editor, publish them in Steam Workshop and play levels from wannabe engineers from all over the world!

It is unclear at this stage whether the Bridge Constructor Portal level editor will be available on other platforms, but players should remember that the game didn’t originally launch on all platforms simultaneously.

Right now, Bridge Constructor Portal is 50% off on Steam meaning you can pick it up for just $4.99 USD and immediately get stuck in to creating your own levels.

Bridge Constructor Portal is available on Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android via Google Play, Linux and MacOS platforms.