Ghost Recon Breakpoint Deep State Brings Sam Fisher To Auroa

March 20, 2020

It’s been a while, agent. Sam Fisher (still voiced by Michael Ironside) has been paying close attention to the goings-on of Auroa and he wants a peice of action. Ubisoft today revealed via a teaser trailer that the Splinter Cell protagonist will appear in a special Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Deep State event starting next week.

Not much else is known about the Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Deep State event but if the Ghost Recon Wildlands Splinter Cell crossover is anything to go by, expect some tough stealth missions including extracting key personnel and sabotaging some of that flashy tech.

Rocket Chainsaw reviewed Ghost Recon Breakpoint at launch giving it 3.5 stars, reporting that, “it contains disappointing pay-to-win microtransactions, [however] the game can be thoroughly enjoyed for 100+ hours if you’re the kind of person that loves to explore and take on tougher enemies.”

Watch the official Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Deep State Teaser below:


Sam Fisher returns in a new Ghost Recon Breakpoint adventure on March 24. Stay tuned for more intel, ghosts.

An official tweet informs us that the event will begin on March 24th, and more information will be available soon:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms. For more information, head to the official website.