Borderlands 3 kicks off five weeks of celebrations for its Second Anniversary

August 13, 2021

It’s almost been two years since Borderlands 3 was released by 2K Games, and to celebrates its upcoming second anniversary on September 13, 2K have five weeks of mini-events and celebrations to draw players back into the game.

Starting August 13, the ‘Loot the Universe’ series of mini-events will return, promising rewards in the form of Legendary loot. Each week a different Borderlands 3 planet will give players  better drops, with specific types of Legendary loot having an increased chance of dropping in one of that planet’s zones. It’s up to the community to figure out what kind of loot is dropping where, although players can keep everything they find. The schedule for these events is:

• Week 1 (2:00 AM AEST August 13 to 1:59 AM AEST August 20) – Pandora;
• Week 2 (2:00 AM AEST August 20 to 1:59 AM AEST August 27) – Promethea;
• Week 3 (2:00 AM AEST August 27 to 1:59 AM AEST September 3) – Eden-6;
• Week 4 (2:00 AM AEST September 3 to 1:59 AM AEST September 10) – Nekrotafeyo

In addition, starting September 9, at 9AM PT the ‘Mayhem Made Mild’ mini event (where players will only encounter Easy modifiers in Mayhem Mode) and ‘Show Me the Eridium’ (which grants increased Eridium drops and Eridium item discounts) mini events will start up. More celebrations are promised as we get closer to the big day on September 13, although further details are under wraps for now.