Battletoads To Release This Month

August 1, 2020

Perhaps on the most surprising parts of last week’s Xbox Games Showcase was the complete lack of Battletoads. After being revealed at E3 2018 and getting its first gameplay trailer at E3 2019, we knew the game surely couldn’t be too far off, but its complete non-appearance last week had us wondering. Now, instead we’re wondering why the Battletoads release date trailer wasn’t shown last week, given the game releases in less than three weeks.

Yep, you read that right, Battletoads will release for PC and Xbox One within the next three weeks. The return of the IP that gained a cult and meme status unlike many others is imminent. The Battletoads release date trailer also gave us a fresh new glimpse at some gameplay segments of the game, showing off more colourful 2D graphics in both side and forwards scrolling levels. There’s no doubt at all that Dlala Studios have gone all-in on the art style and it certainly is looking good.

Battletoads releases for PC and Xbox One on August 20th, however there is still no officially confirmed price for the game. Want to see the game in action? Check out the official release date trailer below or the official website for more information.