Battlefield V War in the Pacific Arrives Next Week

October 24, 2019

Chapter 5 of Battlefield V is about to arrive and it looks like it will be the most explosive yet, with Battlefield V War in the Pacific taking players to the other side of the world. The new chapter will showcase the invasion of the Pacific across land, air and sea bringing amphibious assaults and massive battles on iconic battlefields with Japan and the U.S. joining the fight.

Rocket Chainsaw asked DICE this time last year ahead of the game’s launch whether there would be any naval battles or fighting on ships in Battlefield V and got a resounding ‘no’, but it appears that this chapter will include the ability to fight on-board U.S. Navy ships. We reviewed Battlefield V at launch, giving it four stars, calling it “a solid first-person shooter that feels like a reboot of the franchise, returning home to World War 2.

Launching at the end of the month, Battlefield V War in the Pacific will add the two new aforementioned factions, weapons, vehicles, elites, and exclusive chapter rewards. As seen in the trailer below, players will weild swords and other new melee weapons, as well as fire an arsenal of new explosive toys from above and off-shore in what looks to be some of the most diverse battlefields ever seen. The shores of Iwo Jima are back, as well as fan favourite Pacific Storm from Battlefield 4. Wake Island will also finally make an appearance in Battlefield V but fans will have to wait until December.

New elites Jack Culver and Keisuke Nakamura will also be added at a later date, and will include signature looks, personas, voices, and melee weapons for players to unlock.

EA has also announced that there will be a free trial of Battlefield V War in the Pacific, running from November 1 to November 4.

Watch the Battlefield V War in the Pacific Official Trailer:


Invade the most iconic battlefields of the Pacific theater as U.S. and Japanese forces enter the fray in Battlefield V’s War in the Pacific. Deploy with an expanded arsenal and use anything from Sherman tanks to katanas – and bring your squad to victory!

Song: “Beat The Devil’s Tattoo” performed by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

With new Chapter 5 rewards and weekly challenges, players have never had a better time to return to Battlefield V as War in the Pacific launches on October 31 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms. For more information, head to the official Battlefield V War in the Pacific website.