Battlefield 1 adds Line of Sight mode

December 7, 2016

DICE today revealed a new custom game mode for Battlefield 1 which has players choosing between two classes and playing on one specific map. The Line of Sight mode will have you playing as a Scout or a Medic on the Suez Canal map, with a slight modification to the Scout class, which will see the sniper rifle become twice as powerful, meaning single-hit kills. The new game mode is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Battlefield One Line of Sight Mode

This comes in line with DICE’s “Official Custom Games” program where it appears that each month they are adding an official type of custom game where they are changing core components and creating restrictions upon which class and map is available. The full statement is below, or you can read the official news release for the new Line of Sight mode here.[toggle_box title=”Battlefield 1 Line of Sight Mode Description:” width=”Width of toggle box”]Official Custom Games is a way to experience new flavors of Battlefield 1 multiplayer. In a custom game, various gameplay settings are changed to create unique challenges.

In Line of Sight mode, you’ll be playing the Rush game mode on the Suez Canal map. Medic and Scout are the only classes available in this Official Custom Game, and neither land nor air vehicles will join the fight.

Both Scouts and Medics shine in Line of Sight mode. With double bullet damage the Scouts are more lethal than ever and as a natural counter to this, Medics will need to make optimal use of their arsenal to balance out the teams.

The defending team will need to take advantage of the map to find strategic positions to hold their objectives, while the attackers need to take out defending snipers while advancing to secure objectives.

Find the Line of Sight mode in “Custom Games” in the Multiplayer menu. Good luck.[/toggle_box]