Bandai Namco Announces CODE VEIN

April 22, 2017

Last week Bandai Namco released a teaser trailer for a new game project coming. No specifics were revealed at the time, but the repeated showing of vampires and monsters, along with the hashtag ‘PrepareToDine’ (a similar hashtag ‘PrepareToDie’ was used for Dark Souls games), led people to believe that the project might be a Dark Souls-esque vampire game.

Bandai Namco have now officially revealed CODE VEIN,, a brand new grueling action rpg from the developers of God Eater. Set in the not-too distant future, society as we know it has collapsed, and the world has been overrun by the Thorns of Judgement. At the centre of the destruction lies a hidden society of Revenants called Vein. The remaining few that survive have been blessed with Gifts of power in exchange for a lust for blood and their memories. They battle with the fine balance between maintaining their humanity and turning into fiendish ghouls if they fully give in to the bloodlust.

In CODE VEIN you will assume the role of a Revenant and after stumbling into Vein, you will be tasked with embarking into the world with a companion picked from the various residents of Vein to uncover their memories and find a way to escape the demented reality. Revenants have access to devices called Blood Veils, which allow you to drain the blood of your enemies and enhance your abilities. Using this blood and Gifts, you’re able to augment and enhance your character, changing your form to increase your strength, weaken enemies and use new abilities and weapons.

CODE VEIN will release in 2018 for major home consoles, so check out the new screenshots and artwork for the game below while you wait!