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Blast Ball Announced for 3DS

Competitors at today’s Nintendo World Championships were tasked on taking on a new Nintendo IP that was announced right there and then. Blast Ball is a FPS style soccer game for the 3DS. Two teams of three robots compete ...

Earthbound Beginnings Finally Announced Western Release

It has only taken twenty-six years but the original Mother is finally being released outside of Japan. Announced in a special video this morning at the Nintendo World Championships featuring series creator  Shigesato Itoi, expl...

Trailers for Ryu & Roy DLC for Super Smash Bros Wii U Leak?

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced a special Super Smash Bros direct to take place 12.40am AEST on Monday June 15th, and many wondered if Ryu from Street Fighter and Roy from Fire Emblem would be announced, due to files foun...


RTX Australia Announced

Back in 2012 the fine folks at Penny Arcade announced something many Australian gamers never thought would happen; that they were bringing their premier video game expo PAX down under, being the first PAX to take place outside ...
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Splatoon – WiiU Review

We paint the town in Splatoon, Nintendo's colourful new shooter.

Ratchet & Clank for PS4 – First Trailer Unveiled

¬†Sony & Insomniac games have unveiled their contender for “best video game based on a movie based on a video game” going up against such classics as Street Fighter The Movie: The Game & Spy Hunter: Nowhere t...