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Praise the Overseer; Fallout Shelter for iOS Review.

Bethesda are known for creating incredibly addictive titles, and their new iOS offering Fallout Shelter has yet to prove to me otherwise.

Trackmania Turbo – Ubisoft E3 Recap

One of the most run racing games on PC will soon be debuting onto consoles - Trackmania Turbo is coming, announced today at E3 2015.

Just Dance 2016 – Ubisoft E3 Recap

It wouldn't be an Ubisoft E3 conference, without a new Just Dance.


Anno 2205 – Ubisoft E3 Recap

The latest in the highly praised Anno series has been announced at E3 2015, Anno 2205.

The Crew: Wild Run – Ubisoft E3 2015 Recap

New expansion for The Crew was announced at E3 2015 – The Crew: Wild Run – and it includes monster trucks.

For Honor – Ubisoft E3 2015 Recap

Ubisoft announced a brand new IP – For Honor – during their E3 conference.


Microsoft Conference E3 2015

Microsoft Conference E3 2015 stream - here via Rocket Chainsaw.

BattleCry E32015 – Bethesda Conference Recap

Bethesda announced during their E32015 conference that BattleCry is now accepting global registration for their beta later on this year.

The Elder Scrolls Legends E3 2015 – Conference Recap

Bethesda have announced their answer to Hearthstone during their E3 2015 conference – The Elder Scrolls Legends. And we're very excited.


Fallout 4 E32015 – Bethesda Conference Recap

Fallout 4 was clearly the favourite from Bethesda's E32015 conference. And to top that we get a nifty little iOS game too - Fallout Shelter.