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Australia At War In New Civilization VI DLC

They may take our lives, but they will never take our VB. Thanks to the latest DLC from Firaxis Games, Australia finally makes an appearance on the world stage as a playable race in Civilization VI. Led by World War 2 era Prime Minister John Curtin, the Aussies introduce a host of unique mechanics and units that will bring a fresh feel to your experience as you vie for control of the world map.

Taking queues from real world military history, the unique combat unit ‘Digger’ receives a strength bonus when fighting in enemy territory or along coastal tiles. Coastal regions are also of benefit on home soil as your cities will receive additional housing when built near water, thanks to the Land Down Under special ability. Finally, the Outback Station tile improvement provides both food and production bonuses, enabling players to rapidly expand and militarise if an urgent situation presents itself.

Other nations available through DLC include Macedon, Persia and Poland, rounding out the already impressive roster in Civilization VI to 24 total nations.

Check out a preview of Australia’s in-game features and abilities below:

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