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Assassin’s Creed Origins Launch Details for PC

There’s only a couple of days to go until the Assassin’s Creed Origins launch, and the hype train is in top gear as we count down towards exploring Ancient Egypt as early Creed protagonist Bayek.

Ubisoft has now revealed for PC gamers the Assassin’s Creed Origins launch timeframe, when you can preload the game, and what you’ll have to do when the game unlocks worldwide.

In a post on the Uplay app, Ubisoft reveals that the game will be available for predownload on October 24th at 16:00 UTC (4AM Wednesday Australian Eastern Standard Time). The game will then of course unlock on release day, October 27 @ 4AM for Steam and midnight local time for Uplay.

Ubisoft has revealed there will be a day one patch sizing in at 1.2GB which focuses on fine tuning the balancing of the game, improving performance and stability, and reworking the new Photo Mode controls for better player comfort.

Here is some more information direct from Ubisoft for PC players as to the minimum and recommended requirements, and what to expect depending on your PC specs:

In anticipation of the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins on October 27, the development team has released the official PC specs and system requirements (listed below). In order to learn more about the new features and development process for the PC version, we spoke to Jose Araiza, the producer responsible for coordinating with Assassin’s Creed Origins development teams around the globe.

“The PC platform overall is really important to us,” Araiza said, “that is why the PC version was developed in parallel with all the other versions by the main team in Montreal, in collaboration with our PC-dedicated team in Ubisoft Kiev. This approach was adopted while the game features were being designed, making PC and mouse-and-keyboard controls a full part of the equation from the get-go.”

This approach resulted in performance gains across the hardware spectrum. Players wondering if their machines will be able run Assassin’s Creed Origins well should know that while “using all the modern techniques,” Araiza says the team “worked very hard and were able to keep the minimum requirements to what they were on Assassin’s Creed Syndicate [two years ago]. This means that the range of supported machines is wider than ever.”

Those running on the minimum recommended hardware, Araiza says, will be able to run the game at 720p at 30 frames per second (FPS) using the game’s auto-detect presets. Meanwhile, players with more powerful PCs will, depending on their hardware, “have the possibility of running 4K at 30 FPS or higher, or running standard resolutions such as 1080p or 1200p at higher than 30 FPS.”

Additionally, Assassin’s Creed Origins uses a technique called dynamic resolution rendering on PC and other platforms. As Araiza explains, “dynamic resolution rendering is a technique we use to keep the framerate as close as possible to our targeted FPS at all times by adjusting the frame resolution on the fly, which in most cases will be invisible to the player. On PC, players can actually choose what baseline framerate they want to target: 30, 45, or 60 FPS. They can also select their maximum framerate between 30, 45, 60, or 90 FPS, or decide to completely uncap it.”

Customization plays a big role in ensuring PC players get the most out of their games, and Assassin’s Creed Origins will have standard industry customization options, as well as features new to Assassin’s Creed on PC, like built-in benchmarking and in-game performance analysis.

“The built-in Performance Benchmark will help players validate their tweaked settings, while the in-game Performance Analysis will allow them to profile how their hardware is performing using constant monitoring and tracking of their performance by our engine,” says Araiza. Furthermore, an in-game resolution multiplier will give players flexibility to tell the engine to render the game at higher or lower resolutions as they see fit.


OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)

PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-2400s @ 2.5 GHz or AMD FX-6350 @ 3.9 GHz or equivalent

VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD R9 270 (2048 MB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0 or better)


Resolution: 720p

Video Preset: Lowest


OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)

PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7- 3770 @ 3.5 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz

VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD R9 280X (3GB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0 or better)


Resolution: 1080p

Video Preset: High

Rocket Chainsaw went hands-on with Assassin’s Creed Origins at E3 2017, suggesting it “has breathed life into a tiring franchise“.

Assassin’s Creed Origins launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC simultaneously on October 27, 2017. For more information, head to the official Assassin’s Creed website here.

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