Anthem Teaser and Box Art Revealed

June 2, 2018

Announced at E3 2017 with a great gameplay demo to end the Xbox Press Conference, we’ve been eagerly awaiting more footage and news on Bioware’s new IP Anthem. EA UK have obliged on twitter, showing off a new 6 second teaser video and confirming that the game will be shown at EA’s EA Play event prior to the start of E3 2018, which makes sense considering the game is scheduled to release before March 31st, 2019.

The teaser gives you a glimpse of an underground environment being explored by Javelins, while a voice over gives us a tease regarding the game’s story – “Something is out there. It wants to destroy us all.” Sounds to me like we’ve got a big bad who is looking to destroy life as we know it, which may sound familiar to anybody well-versed in Sci-Fi or Bioware games.

On top of the teaser, we’ve also had the key art revealed for the game’s retail boxes, showing off some flying Javelins and a close up of another. It certainly gives you the inkling that you’ll be doing a lot of flying and has been confirmed as the game’s box art on Twitter by a Bioware Lead Designer..

Anthem will be shown further at EA’s EA Play Event on June 10th, with its time and the time of other press conferences contained in our E3 AEST Press Conference article.