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Two Animal Crossing Spinoffs Coming To 3DS And Wii U

Nintendo teased late last year that the Animal Crossing franchise would see a number of key developments in 2015, and we now know this is happening in the form of two spin-off titles.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer was announced back in April for Nintendo 3DS, and sees players getting a job in Nook’s Homes designing houses for the Animal Crossing villagers. The game also takes advantage of a set of Animal Crossing amiibo cards that allow players to summon special villagers from the cards.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is launching September 25th in North America, though Australians can expect a similar release date.

Nintendo also unveiled a new game we had not heard about before today’s E3 Digital Event, Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. The game seems to evolve around the concept of amiibo Party from Mario Party 10, where players tap Animal Crossing amiibo figurines on to their gamepad to summon them in to the game. The characters then engage in a board game style gameplay combined with mini games, all set in the Animal Crossing world. This also seems to mark the first title Nintendo have made that requires amiibo to play.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is set to launch this holiday season.


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