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Andrew’s PS5 Predictions For The PS5 Reveal

While Sony may have delayed the PlayStation game showcase originally scheduled for later this week, the incoming reveal of PlayStation 5 games is still inevitable. With a new generation comes the opportunity to showcase some of your best looking and most interesting games, in an effort to convince everyone that they have to jump on board as early as possible. This can range from showing off the unique features of your console, announcing a cheap price, or just showing off some utterly amazing games. This is also the perfect time to lay out some wild PS5 predictions.

With that said here are my personal PS5 predictions:

Little To No Console Details

I’m expecting this showcase to be heavily skewed towards games, with little time spent on the PS5 itself. That means that the price, release date, further backwards compatibility details and other software features will largely be glossed over. At most, I expect us to get a look at the console and a release month.

Indies Won’t Get Enough Airtime

While I absolutely love the creativity that comes out of the indie space, I’m expecting them to be largely ignored in this specific showcase. I’m expecting this showcase to be largely focused on the wow factor that can come from big, bombastic sequences with massive budgets, which means that indie games will mostly be glossed over. We might get a couple of small demos or an indie highlights reel, but I expect they won’t get a meaningful amount of airtime until a future State of Play.

Sony To Go Hard On Games, But With Few New IPs

I absolutely love the sense of discovery that comes with a new IP, but I’m expecting that PlayStation will instead lean on sequels, remakes and reboots to show off their new console. This doesn’t meant that I don’t expect the games they show to be boring, because I’m expecting some massive announcements to be made. Especially in light of the event originally being advertised on ESPN.

Specifically, I expect the following games to be shown:

  • Demon’s Souls remake from Bluepoint Games – Bluepoint have gone on record saying that their latest game is the biggest project in their history, and I fully expect that project to be a remake of Demon’s Souls. Rumours have been floating around for ages now that point to either that or a Metal Gear Solid remake, but I’m thinking the former is the more likely.
  • Silent Hill reboot from Studio Japan – This is another one that has been heavily rumoured over the last few months. While the rumours of PlayStation buying the Silent Hill IP turned out to be rubbish, a manga artist related to the franchise has kept teasing big news coming. I’m convinced that the rumours of Silent Hill being rebooted by Studio Japan are true and that the game will be revealed here.
  • Gran Turismo 7 from Polyphony Digital – I’ve been convinced for some time that Polyphony are gearing up to release Gran Turismo 7 as a launch window game. Xbox consoles generally launch with an exclusive racing game and pitting Gran Turismo 7 against the inevitable Forza Motorsport sequel helps to nullify one of the selling points of Xbox Series X. With Gran Turismo Sport releasing in 2017 and being a smaller game to its prequels, I expect a late 2020 release to be well within the realm of possibility.
  • Ratchet and Clank from Insomniac Games – Honestly, I almost feel like Ratchet and Clank has been a criminally ignored IP this generation. Potentially, a large part of that is due to Insomniac Games working with Microsoft and Oculus to develop exclusive games for their respective platforms. Now owned by PlayStation and fully dedicating their resources to their platforms, Ratchet and Clank is a perfect fit as a smaller, colourful game that can look amazing and also work as an engine test ahead of the inevitable Spider-Man 2.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn 2 from Guerilla Games – This is one of my predictions that I’m particularly bullish on. Every press conference needs that one massive game that utterly sells the console you’re pushing. Much has been said of the PS5’s capability to stream massive worlds with no loading thanks to its SSD, and what better game to show this off than the new open world IP from Guerilla Games that sold over 10 million copies and was critically acclaimed? With the original game releasing in early 2017, I’m expecting a release prior to June 2021 for this one.
  • WiLD from Wild Sheep Studios – Originally announced way back in 2014 for the PlayStation 4, Michel Ancel’s WiLD has been quiet for a few years now. With the game being published by PlayStation themselves and Ancel going on the record to state the game is still in development, I expect the game has become this generation’s The Last Guardian and has been shifted to PlayStation 5.

Third Parties Show Up In a Big Way

This might sound like a given, but if you go back to the original PlayStation Meeting in 2013 you’ll notice that third parties really showed little of substance. There were a couple of cool tech demos and some ‘gameplay’/’in engine’ footage that was later confirmed to have been recorded on PC, but there wasn’t a massive number of games. A large reason behind this was due to the uncertainty surrounding the console gaming landscape at the time, as mobile phones were expect to either shrink of outright kill dedicated hardware. Given we’re coming off a new generation with PlayStation once again breaking the 100million consoles sold barrier and utterly dominating the competition, I expect third parties to align themselves heavily to the PS5 with some massive game announcements.

Specifically, I’m expecting some of the following:

  • Final Fantasy XVI from Square Enix – This is probably the wildest of my PS5 predictions, given we’ve seen the release of Final Fantasy XV in 2016 and Final Fantasy VII Remake just two months ago, but I’m certain that Final Fantasy XVI is likely much further along in development than many might expect. Final Fantasy XV was originally a side game that was reworked into a numbered title, while Final Fantasy VII Remake was originally being developed by another company entirely. There’s no doubt that significant resources were likely redistributed to these projects, but I refuse to believe that there wasn’t another mainline Final Fantasy game being developed in there somewhere. I expect a tease to occur here, with a release date in late 2021/early 2022 (and of course likely to be delayed in typical Square fashion).
  • Call of Duty 2020 from Activision – Honestly, this one seems like kind of a given considering that all recent Call of Duty games have had their marketing deals with PlayStation. I fully expect that to continue to be the case, with Call of Duty 2020 to be revealed for the first time at this event.
  • Far Cry 6 from Ubisoft – Ubisoft announced earlier in the year that they had an unannounced AAA title that was scheduled to be released prior to March 2021, and I think that title is Far Cry 6. Similar to Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Far Cry 6 is another prefect title to show off how the PS5 can handle open worlds and zero load times. Given the franchise has been on a near yearly rotation for this generation, I expect an early 2021 release to be totally doable.
  • Star Wars Maverick from EA – I was racking my brain to think about what EA would bring to the table beyond their sports games, and I think the rumoured Star Wars Maverick is the one. Rumoured to be a ‘smaller, more unusual’ project by Jason Schreier earlier this year, I think this is just the right time to reveal the game to the world.
  • Harry Potter RPG/Batman Court of Owls from Warner Bros. – Once again according to Jason Schreier, Warner Bros. were planning to hold their first ever E3 press conference this year before the show was cancelled. This points to them having a number of massive games to show off which they expect to release in the near future. Of those, I couldn’t split the difference between the previously leaked Harry Potter RPG from Avalanche and the rumoured Batman Court of Owls game from Warner Bros Montreal. Either would be big games with highly popular IP behind them, although I’m leaning ever so slightly towards Harry Potter being the one shown.
  • Resident Evil VIII from Capcom – I initially thought this spot might go to Street Fighter VI, but with Street Fighter V getting a new season of content this year, I’m thinking this is just a tad too far away from being announced. Instead, I expect them to keep the Resident Evil train running and reveal the next entry in the franchise at the show. This might seem a little horror heavy given Silent Hill is being shown at the same time, but the box office has shown over the last couple of years that horror is absolutely in fashion and now is the time to capitalise.
  • Starfield from Bethesda Game Studios – Originally announced back in 2018 as a brand new IP from the creators of The Elder Scrolls, I think the game is actually pretty close to release. With BGS not releasing a brand-new game since Fallout 4 in 2015 (Fallout 76 was largely developed by another studio entirely) this means that Starfield has likely been in development in some capacity for quite some time. Revealing the game on stage as a figurehead of the PS5 sounds like exactly the sort of presence Bethesda would want.

Overall, I’m expecting the showcase to be a massive event filled with plenty of big-name publishers and games, and my PS5 predictions largely mirror that. There are other things I think could happen but trying to predict the myriad of smaller indie titles that could be shown is completely out of the realms of possibility. We shouldn’t have too much longer to wait until we know if my PS5 predictions were correct or completely off base, so comment on our social media platforms in the meantime and let us know what you think will be shown off when the PS5 is revealed!

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