All Battlefield 4 DLC Currently Available Free of Charge

September 15, 2016

With the Battlefield 1 Beta now finished, EA and DICE are ensuring that they keep the hype train running with their “Road to Battlefield” promotion by giving all major DLC packs for Battlefield 4 away free of charge for players on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Previously offered up at a rate of one per month, alternating with Battlefield: Hardline content, EA have taken the step to finally offer up the complete premium package free of charge for a limited period, which is great news for any gamers like myself who may not have managed to grab all of the DLC packs during the brief time-frame that they were previously available.

With Battlefield 1 taking a step back into an alternate World War 1 timeline, this move by EA practically all but ensures that Battlefield 4 will continue to retain an active community free from map segregation catering to those seeking their modern warfare fix.
Available for download now from the relevant storefronts, there’s really no reason not to jump on and take advantage if you already own the base game.

Now fingers crossed that we see Battlefield: Hardline get the same treatment before Battlefield 1 drops in October.