Alienware’s latest Aurora Desktop has a cool new open-air design

October 15, 2021

To celebrate Alienware’s 25th anniversary, the custom computer-building company has unveiled a new desktop design that responds to feedback from PC users for years, finally adopting an open-air design that promotes airflow and cleaner cable management.

Alienware says the new Aurora R13 desktop increases the internal chassis volume by 50% without ‘significantly expanding’ the overall footprint of the computer, which apparently translates to a 5% increase in gaming performance, according to internal testing conducted in September of this year. Each configuration of the desktop will ship with two 120mm fans installed (one front and one rear exhaust), while higher-end configurations will include up to four 120mm fans and liquid cooling options.

Alienware also say that this will affect acoustics, as compared to the last generation model “the new Aurora is up to 16% quieter at idle, up to 9% quieter during CPU intensive tasks, and up to 15% quieter during overclocking” – again, from internal testing figures.

A transparent side panel option is also a first for the company (although it is optional), making cable management and lighting inside the case now a priority, as up to eight zones of AlienFX customisable lighting can be added. The front of the case also features some nice lighting effects, while the rear has a honeycomb-like removable magnetic cable cover, that was designed with esports in mind where competitors’ computers are often seen on-camera from the back.

Alienware are hosting a special livestream at 6AM AEDT on October 16 (3PM ET October 15), at their official Twitch, which will cover the anniversary as well as the unveiling the new desktop and a performance by EDM artist Morgan Page.

In addition, Alienware has also released a cheeky look back at the last 25 years of desktop computers they’ve released, including this image below of their very first one back in 1996. I can hearĀ Quake booting up already.