Madmind’s Agony Delayed Until Further Notice

March 20, 2018

Publisher PlayWay has confirmed today that Madmind Studio’s survival horror game Agony has been delayed until further notice.

In Agony you begin your journey through hell as a tormented soul with no recollection of your past. Control and possession become a large part of the game as you work your way through the cockles of hell to realise your destiny.

The survival game, which has garnered a cult following for its imagination of hell needs more polish, Madmind studios revealed in an announcement today, which you can read after the spooky drop.

Agony delayed

As you all have been curious about Agony we do have some information for you. Sadly we have to inform you that March 30th will not be the release date. We will inform you as soon as possible with the final release date of the game. Why is this? -With Agony being released across PS4, PC and Xbox we are facing last steps including polishing to support every player- no matter which platform – with the best possible experience. We wish this could have been done faster but ask for your patience to ensure you get the experience you deserve when Agony is released.

On the other hand we finally have all age ratings and can announce the supported languages in the game for release today:

– English
– French
– Italian
– German
– Spanish
– Russian
– Polish
– Turkish
– Portugese

(more languages might be added in the future)

Stay tuned!

/Madmind Studio

Agony was originally scheduled to launch on March 30, 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw to find out Agony’s new release date soon.

Agony delayed