Age of Empires cereal is back with WOLOL-O’s

October 26, 2021

Many formerly young Aussies will remember getting their first taste of Age of Empires with a bite of Nutri-Grain, as a CD of the game was packed in with the cereal in a promotion over 20 years ago. You may or may not have switched from Nutri-Grain to something that actually tastes good, but Xbox have found a way to bring back the Age of Empires brekky experience to promote the new Age of Empires IV.

Xbox Australia have made ten special ‘WOLOL-O’s’ brand cereal packs, with apparently real and edible cereal, as well as a 12-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass for PC to play Age of Empires IV, and the Age of Empires II soundtrack on an actual CD in the box.

You can enter into the competition for yourself to try and win a pack, just head over to Xbox ANZ’s Facebook page and like and share the competition post.