Ace of Arenas brings action MOBAs to mobiles – E3 2015

June 24, 2015

One smaller title I had the chance to play at E3 this year was Ace of Arenas, a mobile MOBA developed by Gaea Mobile which has come to western devices to find and build a larger audience.

Much like many MOBAs, you have a top-down perspective on the field as you do battle with a selection of ‘champions’ with their own unique abilities and minions, which can be thrown at an opposing team in various maps (though generally in the traditional ‘lane style’ combat of MOBA games). The key innovation of this game was the ease at which it controlled – a virtual analogue stick made movement simple on the left side of the screen, while on the right you could aim and perform attacks and simple commands simply by flicking your finger in different directions. The game definitely looked and worked better on larger screens, such as an iPad mini, but was still perfectly playable on the smaller iPhone 6, and I actually played a pretty enjoyable round on the floor (which I pretty heavily lost).

The game will be coming to iPhone, Android and Amazon platforms, but you can check out the details of the game and sign up for updates on their website.