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3DS and Wii U to offer digital retail game sales

Hot off the press from Nintendo’s latest fiscal year investors briefing, company CEO Satoru Iwata has announced that the Big N intends to catch up with the rest of the world, announcing plans to sell Nintendo titles over a digital network to accompany traditional retail.

Or, in layman terms, you’ll be able to buy games over Nintendo’s digital network, and download them directly to your system of choice, without having to get up and walk to the store.

For the Nintendo 3DS, Iwata confirmed that the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be one of the major 3DS library titles players will be able to buy over Nintendo’s digital network, though many other titles will be available as well. Nintendo has not revealed a date for this service, and did not specify if New Super Mario Bros. 2 would be the first digital title.

Curiously, Nintendo intends to not only appease digital fanatics with their new service, but retail as well. Digital games will also be available in retail stores. We”re thinking something along the lines of coded cards, not unlike Xbox Live Gold registration cards. Though Nintendo will be setting the price for their digital network, it will be up to retailers to set the price their own digital sales. Could we see competition from retailers discounting digital coupons versus Nintendo’s very own digital price? We certainly hope so.

Lastly, and as expected, this service was not just confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS, but also the upcoming Wii U. Iwata claims that full retail games will be sold digitally on the Wii U right at launch. Though given the discrepancies between regions associated with Nintendo products, we’re not going to bank on Australia receiving the service at launch. Not yet.

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    Sounds kinda cool, but as a hoarder I prefer physical copies of games. Gotta wonder about the pricing as well. The e-shop stuff is pretty expensive and I can’t see them giving much of a discount on these either. Hopefully it’ll be better than PSN & Live where a majority of games are cheaper in-store 😛

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