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3DS StreetPass Mii Plaza Gets An Update And New Games

Over five years since the 3DS’s launch, one of the systems most unique features continues to be updated with an update now available for the StreetPass Mii Plaza.

The update makes the plaza run smoother and faster, addressing one of the most common gripes people have with the application. However for those who want to increase the efficiency of their StreetPass’ing even further, there is the introduction of the “Quick Plaza” which cuts down the text of incoming Mii’s and allows players to quickly jump in to many of the StreetPass games by having them available for selection at the bottom screen.

Those who have purchased Mii Plaza Premium, which was part of the previous update, will also see a couple of other benefits. In Puzzle Swap players have the chance to receive more than one puzzle piece per Mii that comes through their plaza. However, what has got most StreetPass enthusiasts excited is the ability to now bank up to 100 StreetPasses, which is a major increase from the previous 10 players limit before having to clear the system.

Alongside the update, five new StreetPass games have been released;

  • StreetPass Slot Racer – Where players race their slot car against the Mii’s they StreetPass.
  • StreetPass Trader – A game focused on trading stock based on the advice the Mii’s you StreetPass give you.
  • StreetPass Chef – Where players need to cook a requested meal using the ingredients they get from the Mii’s they StreetPass.
  • StreetPass Ninja – Where players are fired out of a canon, and while flying through the air towards their enemies must collect weapons and armour from the Mii’s they have StreetPassed.
  • StreetPass Explorers – Where players explore a jungle looking for treasure, with the distance they can walk being based on the Mii’s they StreetPassed.

All 3DS owners are able to pick up either StreetPass Slot Racer or StreetPass Trader for free and then will be able to purchase the remaining titles for AU$3.90 each, or a bundle pack with all four for AU$11.70.

Check out some footage of the new update and games in the trailer below.

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